KHC is a Certification Body accredited by ACCREDIA

KHC is a Certification Body accredited by ACCREDIA (No. Reg. 68C) for the Certification of Quality, Environment and Safety Auditor/Lead Auditorand Experts in Energy Management.

Accreditation is a voluntary choice of Certification Bodies that wish to engage in giving such evidence of correctness, transparency and professionalism of their work. Through the participation of the national Accreditation Bodies (for Italy is ACCREDIA) of international organizations – such as EA at European level (European Cooperation for Accreditation) and IAF at the international level (International Accreditation Forum) – and the signing of the Mutual Recognition Agreements (MLA) managed by such Organizations, certifications issued by Organizations accredited by Accreditation Bodies MLA signatories to the agreements are valid and credible, as well as among their equivalent, and as such universally accepted and recognized as issued in a rules context and standardized procedures.

KHCCertified once, accepted everywhere